How our families function, plays a big role in our lives.  Often times, our individual and relational issues, have at least one root, in the patterns, alliances and styles, that are present in our families. The roles and rules by which a family functions, can be incredibly valuable in dealing with daily stress.  However if these roles and rules fail to adapt to the constant change presented in our lives, what was once helpful, can become problematic.  Helping families to make adjustments in their patterns, can be quite powerful, in helping us deal with the issues with which we are presented. Also, for many with persistent individual issues, there can be real value in exploring the influence of our family of origin. This often gives clients an opportunity to change their perspective, regarding a number of issues and beliefs, thus freeing them up to make changes which had previously been seen as unattainable.

Family Therapy is commonly found, to be a useful tool, for some of the following issues.

  • Parenting issues

  • Educational Difficulties

  • Issues related to extended family

  • Depressive and Anxiety issues

  • Marital concerns

  • Blended family adjustment

By no means is Family Therapy limited to these issues.  It may well be useful for any number of situations.