Premarital Preparation Program

As a general rule, couples get married for all the right reasons. They love each other; they cherish their time together. They want to let each other, and the world, know that they are fully committed to each other

Unfortunately, marriages in America don't always maintain such a positive outlook. Research indicates that a large percentage, of all marriages in the United States, will end in divorce. In Oklahoma, the divorce rate is one of the worst. The fact is, while people get married to celebrate the good things, often the difficulties of life, crowd out the very things that initially brought the couple together.

The good news is that you can do something to prevent this from happening to your relationship. You can protect the good things that attracted you to each other, and develop strategies to deal with the difficulties that all relationships will go through. Premarital therapy can help in identifying both the strengths and needs, in a relationship. It can also help the couple to establish simple, but powerful preventative measures.

The Premarital Preparation Program at Christian Family Institute is designed to help couples avoid the common patterns, that can destroy connection, and help in protecting the things that promote intimacy.

The Premarital Preparation Program includes the following elements.

- An evaluation of each partners expectations in marriage. Often, problems occur when the couples expectations are either unrealistic or not compatible with one another.

- Provide information about communication patterns that are common in struggling marriages. This knowledge can help the couple identify and prevent these patterns from dominating in their relationship.

- Structured evaluations, of the primary issues, that often become points of tension for couples. The goal is to identify and deal with potential hot topics that have yet to be discovered.

- Briefly examine each partner's family of origin and personal history to identify possible implications on the marriage.

- Introduction of some basic communication skills, that can prevent hard feelings, and more importantly, secure safe intimate connection for the couple.

The Premarital Preparation Program details are as follows.

-Cost is $445
-Use of the PREPARE premarital inventory.
-Five premarital therapy sessions.
-One Follow-up session six to nine months after the wedding.
-Consultation with the minister should the clients and minister desire.

Many Couples will spend thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding that will last an average of thirty minutes. It is our sincere hope that the love and commitment symbolized in that wedding, will last a lifetime. Why not spend a fraction of the weddings cost, to improve that marriages chance of thriving.